Must Have Items For Camping With Kids

The weather was perfect this past weekend for our first camping trip with our family. We have a five year old, a three year old, and a almost 2 year old, and taking them anywhere as a group can be a challenge. Albeit, be at an exciting one.

But what about spending some time in the great outdoors with the family? What were we putting ourselves into? Turns out, it was a fantastic weekend and we had so much fun and cannot wait to get back on the road to another campsite.

But we did learn a few things along the way about taking young kids camping for the first time. Really, these things can be used to take kids camping weather it’s your first or 10th time. The best thing I can tell you as a dad of three when camping, is to have lots of patience and understand the kids just wanna have fun. I realize that as a dad sometimes you want to teach them to do certain things or have them follow a certain way of doing things that you do. But that’s not always a practical expectation.

We had a ball and these tips from listeners were also very helpful when it came to having a great weekend camping. The great outdoors are so exciting and it is some thing that I really enjoy. Being able to share the experience with my kids and my wife will forever be one of my favorite memories. If you are interested in getting a camper or considering it I highly recommend it. We have a 17 foot camper and although it is tight for our large family, it sure was perfect for when we needed a place to sleep and wasn’t on the ground in a tent.

I wish you the best of luck if you’re going camping anytime soon. Truthfully, the fall may be your best bet when it comes to camping as the weather sometimes can be exactly what you would hope for.

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