It's no joke that if you've been kicking back a few frosty cold alcoholic beverages you should not be driving.  You should not be driving anything at all.  That rule doesn't just apply to cars and trucks.  It applies to ATV's, farm tractors, or anything at all.

It wasn't long ago that we heard about a Dayton man who was arrested on his lawn tractor after a night of drinking.  It doesn't matter what you're driving.  If you decide to drink and drive a motor vehicle, you can get a DWI.

That's a lesson a man from Cattaraugus county had to learn the hard way after he crashed his John Deere tractor in a ditch last night just before 11 p.m.  According to WGRZ, William Fisher's blood alcohol level was more than .18.  That's more than twice the limit.

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