Are we overreacting here just a bit? A man could be facing up to seven years behind bars after he being accused of theft. So, what was it that he stole that's causing such a big deal? A car? No. Try a 20 ounce bottle of Mountain Dew soda from a convenience store. Why is the man in such hot water over something so trivial?

WSBT says that the store had a special promotion where you could get two bottles of Mountain Dew for only three bucks. Police say the suspect paid for one bottle with two dollars and left the store. The problem was that one bottle cost $2.29 with tax, so police say he actually owes the store 43 cents. So he underpaid by less than half a dollar and now he could go to jail? All he wanted to to do was Do the Dew.

The state of Pennsylvania has a three strikes law of retail theft. Penn Live reports that the same man was convicted over ten years ago for not paying for gas. He was also arrested for stealing a $39.99 pair of shoes from a KMart store, and for stealing craft supplies from a Hobby Lobby. This is now his fourth charges, according to officials. Some have backed the state's measure to stop theft, though others claim it does not factor in the context of the crimes being committed.

In other theft related news closer to home, a New York state man (and perhaps, real life Hamburglar) has been accused of stealing food from a local McDonald's. The Saratoga County Sheriff's Office says the Ballston Spa man broke into the McDonald's in the early morning hours. Not too many details are available as of now, but police were able to find the stolen property at the suspect's apartment. Police didn't specify a motive for the alleged break-in, though we can assume he wanted a late night snack and the place just wasn't open at that point. there was also no specification exactly what food or ingredients the man allegedly stole.

Now, the suspect is being charged with charged with grand larceny, burglary, and criminal mischief.

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