Yes, you read that headline right. A man wearing a TV on his head actually left old televisions on Virginia (Richmond) neighborhood's front porches in the dead of night.

The footage was caught by cameras and it does appear a man that is either wearing a TV costume mask (let's hope it is) or an actual TV on his head, dropping off old televisions on people's front porches.

Watch the video below:

According to WKBW, at least 60 people woke up to find old TV's left behind for them on their porch.

Local police collected the TV's and discarded them.

It appears to be a bizarre prank and that's probably putting it lightly. What's even weirder, is the same thing appeared to have happened in Richmond, VA a year ago, in August of 2018.

Perhaps this will be a yearly occasion for TV man, like a traditional holiday...

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