Martina McBride and her family went to the beach for Spring Break like many families do the difference is most families aren’t under a microscope on their vacation.  In order to stop any rumors from occurring, Martina Tweeted , “Have ‘baby bump. ‘Not pregnant.  If it’s twins I’m naming them ‘Mai Tai’ and ‘French Fry’.”  Yes she was joking but you know she also knew there is always a chance of a photographer snapping a photo and it showing up on some entertainment tabloid with the headline that she is expecting.  I can’t imagine always having to consider everything before going out in public. I've been know to have Mai Tai or two and french fries.  Martina by the way has a new single called “Teenage Daughters”, I think it’s awesome. The song will be included on her new album which is due later in the year.  Check out the single here.