Martina McBride has had some incredible duet partners over the years.  She's sung with some big names including Clint Black, Dolly Parton, Jimmy Buffett and even Elvis Presley (kind of)!  Her latest release is with a more modern, more pop artist.

In 2010, the pop/rock group Train released a single called "Marry Me" that was written by their lead singer, Pat Monahan.  It was a top 10 hit on the Billboard charts and now Martina McBride wants to make it a country hit.

According to GAC Martina just really liked the song and after singing it with Pat, they both looked at each other and thought, "this could work!" 

I asked if I could record that song and he would come and sing on it, and so he came to Atlanta where we were recording and we sang it in the same room.”

I am going to guess that if anyone can make it a hit, it's Martina McBride.  If it's not a hit on the charts, I can guess that it's going to be huge at weddings this summer!

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