The summer of 2024 is only a couple of days away and there is a big change that has taken place around pools and on the beach in New York State.

The hot weather is here and the summer heat and humidity are about to roll in. Across New York State, people are planning for ways to stay cool and stay hydrated. The last few days of the school year may be stifling hot in some classrooms.

But here in New York State, if you don't like the weather, just wait. There is a good chance that the heat won't last long so we need to take advantage of the summer while we can.

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If you plan to take dad to the beach, or hit the neighborhood community pool, thus weekend, the lifeguard may be a tad younger than the last one you saw.

As of this past January, a few laws changed here in New York State and one of them pertained to lifeguards. Seeing a drop in the amount of lifeguards, New York State made a move in the requirements and laws. Lifeguards can be as young as 15 years old and will be making more money as well. According to "Base hourly pay, already raised from $19 to roughly $21 last spring, will grow to $22 an hour for all lifeguards during the 2024 season. Returning seasonal lifeguards will also receive a $1,000 bonus if they work through the peak season".

In addition to the new lifeguard policies, New York State is committed to helping people learn how to swim.

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