The Buffalo Bills are the favorites to win the Super Bowl in 2022. They have the best roster from top to bottom and many argued they would have won the Super Bowl last season, if they had just preserved the lead in Kansas City with 13 seconds remaining.

So, what needs do the Bills have going into the 2022 NFL Draft?

Edge rusher was taken care of, with the signing of Von Miller. The Bills sured up their interior defensive line with Tim Settle, Daquan Jones and Jordan Phillips. They also traded for backup quarterback Case Keenum, after losing Mitchell Trubisky to free agency.

The biggest "needs" are likely cornerback and wide receiver, although adding another running back wouldn't hurt.

What about a punter though?

Matt Haack was bad last year. He was statistically one of the worst punters in the NFL and restructured his contract at the start of the off-season; meaning he is not a sure thing to make it out of training camp.

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There happens to be a punter that is not only the best punter in this class, he's one of the best punters ever scouted.

His name is Matt Araiza of San Diego State and if you don't know who he is, look him up and sit back.

Araiza had the greatest punting season in college football history, averaging 51 yards per punt in 2021. For reference, the average is typically 42-45 yards per punt. Anything over 47 is crazy, let alone 51. He was the Ray Guy Award winner, which is given to the best punter in college football.

Araiza is an expert at pinning opposing teams inside the 10 yard line, so he not only has a ridiculous leg, but the pinpoint accuracy as well.

The vast majority of punters are not drafted. Araiza will be though. The question is, when does he go?

I think anything after round 2 is fair game. I could easily see Araiza going in the 3rd or 4th round of the draft, which is crazy high for a punter, but he is the one punter worth it; especially for the Bills.

Think about it -- the Bills have the best roster in the NFL and the only position they are not strong at is punter. The Bills absolutely have the luxury to use a draft pick on a punter after round 2.

If I'm Brandon Beane, I pull the trigger on Matt Araiza.

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