What a long race that was to watch!! As one of the announcers said, 'We've seen fire and we've seen rain." The 54th Daytona 500 was run for the first time during prime-time on Monday night and boy o boy was it packed with craziness.  I'm starting to think there may be some sort of curse on this track. Considering the pavement issue from a couple years ago, the rain delay, the death of Dale Earnhardt Sr and now the explosion on the back stretch, the evil race gods may be at work on NASCAR's most famous track. Take away all of the drama from this past week, and you still have an exciting finish for Matt Kenseth. He won the race for the second time just ahead of Dale Earnhardt Jr. This was a couple of hours after Juan Pablo Montoya lost control of his car and slammed into the back of a jet dryer truck. Probably the most bizarre thing anyone has seen happen on a race track in years if not ever.

I stayed awake as long as I could and set the DVR to watch the finish. I love NASCAR but I have to admit I am glad to see Speed Weeks come to an end. Next up Phoenix this Sunday!

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