YES! The line up at Shea's this season could give any big city and run for their money! The previously announced shows sent people into a tizzy and reserving spots to purchase season passes! Now with this new announcement you can almost guarantee the Theatre District will be full and busy through the 2018-2019 season!

It was announced yesterday that Tina Fey announced mid-may that Buffalo would not only be part of the 'Mean Girls' tour but it will tech and launch the tour. This is something that is very common among large touring shows, they launch and work out the tech issues in Buffalo and then head on their way. The tax credit they receive doesn't hurt either! Why some may see that as a blow it bring in shows that the city may not get otherwise!

The show will be part of the 2019 season but dates, ticket information, and casting have not been announced yet. Learn more about the shows coming to Shea's this season HERE.


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