I was at my sister and brother in-laws this weekend and may have had a drink or two in a red solo cup.  The song by Toby Keith has really catapulted the popularity of the red solo cup in recent months.  We’ve all used them time and time again without really thinking about them.  I stumbled upon this article about how the lines in a red solo cup are actual measurement marks.  Again I never really even noticed the lines but now it’s obvious that the lines do correspond to some typical beverage servings: 12oz., 5oz., and 1oz. 

Never again will you be stuck at another backyard party or in the woods camping without a way to handily measure out a liquid. A nice piece of knowledge that will serve you well this summer, or just some useless trivia for you to spew off to friends the next time you drink from a red solo cup.  Thanks red solo cup for not just being my friend but for being a way of measuring the liquid I pour in to you.  Proceed to party.