There’s just something about three-part harmony that draws me in and even more so if the three-part harmonies are blood related.  The other night (Tuesday, October 23), a new family trio, The Henningsens, stopped by the WYRK studios to play for me and some YRK staff members.

This family trio is made up of Brian (dad), Aaron (son) and (daughter) Clara. These singer/songwriters originate from Illinois and now have planted roots in Nashville looking to bring their family harmonies to country radio.  You may not have heard their name before, but I'm sure you've some of the songs they've written, like The Band Perry hit "You Lie."

The Henningsens seem to have the whole package, and even better, they're down to earth, grounded and seem very happy as a family.  Those three things alone give them a leg up in my opinion.  Their first single is called "American Beautiful" -- check it out!

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