Dreams are free! That is a line that you may have heard a time or to. The dreams are free. But everything else costs money it seems. And these days, things cost so much more!

Imagine you start the new year as a billionaire! Don't think it's possible? Here in Buffalo and across New York State, folks are lining up to get their tickets and a shot at over $940 million dollars!

Yes, you are correct. That is $60 million shy of the billion mark. But at that point, if you won, who would blame you if you just rounded up and called yourself a billionaire? Someone is going to win this money sooner or later and although the dreams are free, the ticket to get one will set you back $2.

Powerball will be pulled for $291 million this week as well. That is pocket change to you if you win the Mega Millions!

I have three young kids at home and my wife and I are constantly trying to get them to understand that health and happiness can be found without spending a lot of money if any at all. The older I get, the more I understand that the best things in life, my favorite things in life, are free or cost next to nothing.

That being said, I wouldn't mind knowing what it feels like not to sweat out the mortgage and car payments every month.

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