Holy cow…is this real life?

I can’t believe I get to join the amazing crew at WYRK!

Megan Carter
Megan Carter
Yep, that's me! And yep, that's my messy apartment. And yep...it always looks like that.

I grew up in Schenectady, New York, but after going to college at SUNY Brockport and falling in love with radio, I decided to stick around town and have considered myself a proud Western New Yorker ever since - although I’m often visiting home to visit the fam and be the “Cool Auntie” to my two adorable nephews.

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On the weekends you can find me side-hustling with a lot of the local sports teams. If I’m not working at a game, chances are I’m probably watching it. I’m a card-carrying member of #BillsMafia, and I’ve been a die-hard Red Sox fan since I was a baby. (No, really. I slept with a stuffed Wade Boggs.)

Ay Ay Ay Ay!

  I’m trying to teach myself to be a better cook, but I’ll admit sometimes it doesn’t go so well (sorry, Mom)...so one of my favorite things to do is hop around town discovering new places to eat and hang out. 




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I honestly can't remember if this chili was any good or not.

  I also have a (sometimes scary) obsession with TV and pop culture - so if you see me out and about, I’ll be ready to debate which episode of The Office is the best one (“Niagara,” obv).  




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 And uhhh... Star Trek too. No shame in my Trekkie game.


A few fun facts about me: 

-Lady A (yes, THAT Lady A) heard themselves on the radio for the FIRST time listening to me on the radio in Rochester. Cool, right?

-Favorite country artist? No question…Johnny Cash. I’m also a huge Swiftie, and I’m not ashamed.  

-And for the record, if you see me when a Gary Allan song is playing, I *will* be crying. Try not to judge 😂 I have no pictures with any of these people...so here's a gratuitous picture of me in love with a cardboard Blake Shelton cut-out.

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I can't wait to meet you on weekday afternoons from 3p to 7p!

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