The plans are made and the picnic food is ready for the grill! As we get ready for the unofficial start to summer in New York State, we can all agree that post pandemic, things are way more fun that a couple years ago. Getting together with family and gathering in larger groups is much better than the COVID restrictions we dealt with for what seemed like eternity.

However, the spring in to summer of 2023 looks much brighter with way more things to do and concerts and events to look forward to. The Memorial Day weekend is the kickoff to the fun and we are ready to get the party started.

From Albany, to Buffalo to New York City, residents in New York are keeping an eye on the weather. What will Monday be like? If you have a pool, will it be warm enough to swim? How about that boat? Can we launch? The forecast looks cooler for the start of the summer fun...but a nice warm up is on the way!

The ten day forecast for New York City looks pretty decent. Although some would prefer the mercury to rise well in to the 80's with sunshine, mid 70's is ideal!

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