Listen, I know Michael Buble is not country, but Michael Buble loves Buffalo and that guy is entertaining as it gets.

I've seen Buble a few times and every time he comes to Western New York, he seems to love it. I mean, he is from Canada

I can't believe you people are here. When I saw how hard it was snowing, I said 'o shit, shit' these people are coming. Buffalo is like the best of Canada and the US all smashed into one cookie. You have the best wings, Tim Hortons and you love your hockey. I love that you guys love your sports you have great owners and two killer teams . I just met your owners and Kim is awesome. She gave me a Sabres Jersey but listen... I bet tonight....the Patriots wish they were you. Take that Super Bowl and suck it, Patriots."

He went on an also mentioned how the bars close at 4 AM and how he feels so comfortable in Buffalo.

Last night, Buble had a 35 piece band on stage consisting of 2 halves, the left side was all LOCAL women playing the strings and on the right was his travelling band that includes all the brass instruments.

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