There's likely been no other year like 2020 when it comes to NOT going over to see family for the big feast. But I'm an optimist, sure you might be Zoom-ing dinner instead, but that doesn't mean you still can't prank your wiser loved ones from afar.

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This stunt made the rounds last year, but with families more socially distanced than before, it's gotta be easier to get away with it than in Thanksgiving's past.

What's more wholesome than a Thanksgiving prank?

Millennials -- a generation often mocked for a lack of "adulting" skills are getting revenge on their elders -- which I find hilarious and awesome, as a geriatric-level millennial myself. See the parental freak-outs on Buzzfeed here.

But did you know you can actually cook a turkey in the microwave?

Mashable used a 12-pound turkey and about two hours of varying microwave cooking techniques. You can see the tutorial here.

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