Ballparks across Western New York are getting packed with baseball fans excited to enjoy a day out in the nice weather. Even if you don’t like baseball, local teams fill their games with fun giveaways and special events to bring in spectators. 

Of all of the promotions local baseball teams put on to draw crowds, none was more popular than an appearance from Milo The Bat Dog

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Meet Milo The Bat Dog

Regular attendees of AAA baseball’s Rochester Red Wings are very familiar with Milo. The loveable golden retriever has been a fixture at home games since 2019 thanks to the adorable way he retrieves bats from home plate. 

Whenever Milo took the field to fetch a bat, thousands of fans roared and erupted in cheers - often making more noise for him than the Red Wings players themselves.

Even after COVID brought the 2020 baseball season to a halt, Milo The Bat Dog was still a fan-favorite, appearing often on the team’s social media posts to keep spirits up. 

Milo The Bat Dog’s Philanthropy

Besides warming hearts with his cuteness, Milo did lots of good for his Western New York community. 

Through the sale of Milo merchandise and his “Meet and Pet” promotions, he raised thousands of dollars for several Western New York charities, including the Wounded Veteran Foundation, T.A.P.S., Bivona, SPCC, the Veterans Outreach Center, and Honor Flight.

Western New York Baseball Fans Mourn Milo The Bat Dog

Sadly, after a battle with liver disease, the “goodest boy” Milo passed away at seven years old last week, shocking local fans. 

Milo’s owner, Josh Snyder, along with his fiancé, Sam Van Hout, said:

“From 2019 until now, I honestly don’t know how many total bats Milo has fetched for the Red Wings. But what is more important is that I do know how many people Milo has loved. And that number is .... Every. Single. One.”

The Rochester Red Wings are planning a memorial event for later this summer at Innovative Field.

How Fans Can Honor Milo The Bat Dog

For those in mourning for Milo, there are ways you can show your gratitude for the happy memories he created while giving support to his heartbroken owners.

A Go Fund Me has been set up to help offset Milo’s medical expenses. Fans can also contribute to the Milo Making A Difference campaign by purchasing Milo The Bat Dog merch online or in the Rochester Red Wings team store. 

Rest in peace, Milo. Thank you for all the laughs, smiles, and pets. Western New York baseball fans will miss you immensely. 

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