Farming is not easy, or for everyone. However, if you have a farm that you can manage and it supports your family, there can be some big rewards. This smaller farm for sale in Cherry Creek, New York is a great location and opportunity.

The sad reality is that the family farms are getting few and father between here in New York State. New regulations and the prices of just about everything make it difficult to survive for some farmers. The backbone of America is the farmer and it is sad to see what has happened.

But with prices as high as they are, it may be a great time to become more self sufficient for your family. It could help save money and is a great way to get some peace and quiet.

This "Farmette" as it is described in the listing looks like a good starter home or farm to the right buyer.

Cherry Creek "Farmette" For Sale

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

Whitetail Properties listing describes this as:

This charming property could be described as a farmette suitable for a horse or two, or perhaps some light animals. This two bedroom mobile home has had a very large addition added to it providing a rustic great room complimenting an already large living room and open style kitchen.

The mini paradise farm is located at 687 Pinner Rd in Cherry Creek.

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