She is one of us.

Last night at the Country Music Association Awards last night, Miranda Lambert, who was accompanied by her husband, was caught LIVE on the TV taking a water bottle out of her purse and poured it in her cup. Who knows what was ACTUALLY in her cup, but lets be honest: it was probably booze.

And she made it a double, too.

Someone commented on social media and called her 'cheap', but I'm sure she can afford booze (it was probably free anyway at the show). Miranda probably didn't bring the booze to be cheap. She just likes what she likes and didn't have to get up after she keeps slugging them down. Maybe she doesn't want to get up and keep putting on a mask at the awards and walk by people. After all, she has won the CMA Female Vocalist of the Year trophy 7 times, including six in a row. We have to give her a pass sometimes.

Either way, we've all been there. Sneaking our booze in your back pocket or your purse. AND YEAH LET'S JUST SAY IT--CONCERT DRINKS ARE EXPENSIVE.

Miranda Lambert performed her current single 'Settling Down' on last night's award show, but it was a stripped down acoustic version that sounded absolutely incredible. 'Settling Down' is Miranda's follow up radio single to the smash hit song 'Bluebird' off of her album called 'Wildcard'.

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