It's not the Cabbage Patch dolls of the 1980s, or even the more-recent Hatchimal. Nope, not a video game or flashy new tech either.

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It's a couch. And a wooden triangle.

Christmas 2020's hottest gifts for the 10 and under set look a little different this year -- reflecting the insane amount of time we've been confined to our homes during the coronavirus pandemic, parents are gravitating toward indoor activity items, like the Nugget and Pickler.

The Nugget is the first couch I can think of to go viral.

It retails for $229 and has a cult following so devout, the manufacturer holds weekly lotteries for the chance at buying one.

Why all the hype about a couch? Well, naturally, this isn't just any couch.

The Nugget is described on its website as an "infinitely configurable play couch made up of four foam pieces: base, cushion, and two triangle pillows."

So it's a couch that kids are supposed to turn into a fort, and pandemic times have proven popular for couch forts.

The LA Times writes:

But no one could have imagined just how much COVID-19, and the stay-at-home orders that followed, would supercharge Nugget’s popularity — to the point that would-be buyers are entering a long-odds lottery, or paying exorbitant markups on resale sites, just to get their hands on one.

The only way to purchase one is directly from the company's website. And here's how the lottery works (it's your only chance at scoring one before 2021).

From Oct. 23 to Dec. 11, the company will randomly draw 5,000 to 10,000 names a week and send out 60,000 Nuggets by Christmas.  -LA Times


To be entered in the lottery, you have to create an account, opt-in to several lists, decipher a trio of CAPTCHAs, and respond via an email confirmation link...and you're all set.

Lotteries to buy one happen every Wednesday.

The Pikler Triangle comes from the Montessori world, and is a configurable and expandable climbing toy. You can find instructions on how to DIY your own, or they retail anywhere from $100 to $300 depending on expansion options.

Montessori Climber describes the Pikler as:

"...much more than a children's toy instead it is a foundational tool used by thousands of families across the world. The triangle is the basis of Dr. Emmi Pikler's teaching which focuses on building freedom of motion, forging independent activity, and allowing children to increase their motor development skills starting from an early age. These triangles have now become a staple to the Montessori Method and seen in classrooms and homes alike. "

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