Even though we have had a crazy stretch of weather, hunting season has arrived in New York State. Whether you hunt with a bow, crossbow, rifle or shotgun, it is a great time of year for deer hunters. I like snow for hunting. But four feet is nuts! I will try to get to the woods this weekend either way.

This is not the visitor that you would expect to see inside of a nursing home. Things got wild when this buck broke in to this place and did some damage before getting back out. The rut is on and can cause deer to do some strange things.

If you are heading to hunt this weekend, BE SAFE! The biggest reminder beyond safety is to respect the landowners property you are on and pay attention for posted signs. There are few things that frustrate other hunters and landowners more than seeing a person on your property who is not supposed to be there. What is worse is when you are in a deer stand and someone walks by who is not supposed to be there.

But regardless of where you hunt, have fun and be respectful of the wildlife around you. I have three sons under 7 years-old and they are starting to take an interest in hunting and the outdoors. If I can teach them to enjoy being in the woods and that we are responsible for the conservation of the land we hunt, I have done my job. Take a kid hunting. There is more to life than an iPad.

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