As we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic has been extremely hard on the bar and nightclub business owners. According to WIVB 27 more businesses have had violations.

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In the upstate New York area bars and restaurants seem to be doing ok when it comes to following the rules, In my opinion. According to WIVB  Governor Andrew Cuomo, said this is mainly a downstate problem, the Governor also stated.

I understand the plight businesses has gone through, but it's about enforcing the law, we also have to protect the public health, and we accomplish nothing if we role back these rules and regulations on bars and restaurants.

I have been to a few bars and restaurants in Buffalo since the pandemic. It is important that the owners of these establishments make sure that they are enforcing the rules, not only for their business to be compliant but also for the safety of the customer.

According to WIVB, Governor Cuomo added, groups representing the bar and restaurant owners are supporting this crackdown.

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