You hear a song on the radio, but you never see the story behind the song, or the process of how it came to life.

Here is a song that Morgan Wallen wrote with three other guys, including hit-maker Josh Thompson, yesterday and wants you to weigh in about what you think.

If Morgan Wallen decides to take the song for himself, he could put it on his new album that he has been working on. (Or if he decides not to put it on his own album, they could put it up for grabs for another artist to cut.) Songs start or get their idea in all different ways, but like most, they have to record them before they get in the studio so, they don't forget and here is the raw audio after their write.

It's called 'Wasted On You' by Morgan Wallen. Here are some of the lyrics in case you can't hear it on his iPhone well.

I don't always wake up i the morning pour myself a strong one
Oh but when i get lonely i do

memory is burning lean back on a bourbon
sure cant as hell be leaning on you

looks like I'm learning the hard way again
its all my fault
i dropped the ball
you're gone and I'm gonna be 3 sheets to the wind
thinking bout all this

I've wasted on you all of this time and all of this money
all of theses sorry's i don't know you hunny
all of these miles on this Chevy and prayers in a pew all these
days I've spent wasted on you
wasted on you

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