We got our first record-breaking snowstorm of 2022 and of course, there is only one way to measure the snow here in Buffalo.

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That is to use beer cans! Buffalo is known as a football town with a drinking problem so why wouldn't we use beer cans to measure the snow in our front and backyards. It makes total sense to me.

With the Lake Effect snowstorm, yesterday being a Lake Effect storm the amount of snow that fell in Western New York varied wildly. From 18 inches in Cheektowaga to a record-breaking 15 inches to the Buffalo Airport, to 3.6 inches in Kenmore to just a dusting in Hamburg, the snow totals were all over the place because of this band of Lake Effect snow.

That led people from all across Western New York to measure the snowfall in several different ways. From single cans of Honey Brown to 18 packs of Great Lakes the people in Western New York had some fun with the first major snowfall of 2022.

Of course, this was only the first snowstorm of the year. Living here in Western New York we know that more snow is on the way in 2022 and make sure you have plenty of measuring instruments around your home for the next several months. Also, remember to keep a fresh stock of beer on hand during the Spring and Summer to measure how tall your grass is getting too.

Check out these photos of The Most Buffalo way to measure snow.


The Most Buffalo Way To Measure Snow

Buffalo is known for several things, snow, wings, Bills football, and for being a drinking town. So when we measure snow, we do it in the most Buffalo way, using beer cans.


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