Our second winner for our Farey’s Nursery “Mother’s Day Confession” contest is Linda Hickein (Hatsios)!

Congrats to Linda!  We read Linda's confession on the air, and she wins a gift pack from Farey’s Nursery — your Mother’s Day headquarters!

When I was in high school (Sweet Home), back in the late '70s (graduated in '80), I belonged to the booster's club - or so we (me & my sis) told our mom. We used to tell her we were at the high school volunteering to work for wrestling matches and basketball games - we actually used to sneak on the ski bus - back then if there was an open seat, no one looked any further, and you got a ski pass and a rental pass for equipment, too. And we used to go to Kissing Bridge skiing all night - we'd pray neither of us would break a leg because how would we explain??..lol..And the only girl that did was the only one who actually belonged to the club! She ran into a tree. After we'd stay at a friends house because it ended so late - she NEVER knew!!


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