Gun owners who want to make purchases of multiple guns or ammunition in New York State could have to undergo additional scrutiny by police. A New York State senate bill sponsored by Senators Luis R. Sepúlveda, James Gaughran, and Julia Salazar could put people trying to make bulk purchases of firearms under a police microscope.

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Senate Bill S9555, which is currently in the Rules Committee,

Directs the state police to promulgate any necessary rules and regulations regarding the flagging for further review of bulk purchases of firearms or ammunition.

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Many New Yorkers are not happy with the new requirements to obtain a pistol permit in the state. In order to apply to own a gun, residents must take classroom and live training courses and assessment tests, as well as turn over their social media accounts for review, among other conditions. Senate Bill S9555 is designed to,

Empower the superintendent of state police to establish and maintain within the division of state police a central repository of information regarding firearms or ammunition purchased in bulk for further review within the context of the statewide license and record database.

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The bill calls for payments methods used to make bulk purchases to be under review, as well,

The superintendent is also required to adopt regulations prescribing reporting procedures for any purchases of firearms or ammunition purchased in bulk by credit card, debit card, PayPal, e-wallet, e-check, Lyra or any other payment system.

The bill does not define 'bulk' so it's not clear what amount of guns would require flagging.

Elected officials in New York have been passing laws and creating legislation to make it more difficult for residents to buy guns.  These new laws are in response to the United States Supreme Court overturning the state's concealed carry law.

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