For me, Christmas is always about family and food. Sure presents are nice, but those get done early in the morning and then the rest of the day you are with your family and eating constantly!

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We always early an early dinner on Christmas around 1 pm. Then we will hang out for a couple of hours and have a 2nd dinner around 4 pm. After that, it is more family time and then you guessed it...another meal around 8 pm. This time it was mostly sandwiches made with the leftover meats from the first two dinners.

Of course, in between all those dinners, there were plenty of cookies and desserts to nibble on.

When you are making Christmas dinner or in my family's case dinners, there have to be some certain foods that are on the table. I am 100% polish so you know we have plenty of polish-inspired foods like polish kielbasa and perogies. My parents used to spend the week leading up to Christmas making around 500 perogies every single year and after everyone went home, we never had any left!

The best part is that my wife is part German so we get lots of great German food from her side of the family. Brauts and homemade desserts are a must in our house during Christmas.

If you are cooking this year, here are five must-have foods that I think should be on every Christmas day dinner table.

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