It hasn’t been all that long ago that I can’t remember going door to door trick or treating. In my neighborhood we started early and stayed out late. In the rain, sometimes even in the snow – nothing would stop us from getting our stash. Mallo Cup, Almond Joy, $100,000 Candy Bar were some of my favorites, but there were some real dud treats that some people gave out. Can you remember what some of yours were? Here are some of mine. Here's my Top 5 All-time Least Favorite Halloween Treats

  • Raisins

    No kid wants health food for Halloween. I don’t even like raisins. I pick em out of sticky buns. Do the kids in your neighborhood a favor and don’t give ‘em little boxes of raisins.

  • Pennies

    Maybe it’s gone up to nickels, dimes, quarters….or more. I never wanted change in my candy bag. They’re not candy. They’re not even treats. And they made too much noise sliding around the bottom of the bag.

  • Apples

    Even if you decided you were gonna eat one they were usually mushy. People in my neighborhood when I was growing up must have bought them on sale – maybe they were last year’s crop because they were never any good. And then it got to the point you wouldn’t dare eat an apple that somebody put in your bag because every year you’d hear about the weirdos putting needles and razors in the apples.

  • Candy Corn

    Does anybody really like candy corn? It doesn’t taste like candy and it doesn’t taste like corn. It tastes like….plastic.

  • Popcorn Balls

    I know some people must have spent a lot of time making them and wrapping them up in paper or plastic or whatever it was they wrapped ‘em up in. But boy I hated getting popcorn balls for Halloween. I never thought it was much of a treat.