This is for real, NASA will be assigning a new name to what is currently known as  "MU69". NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is set to fly by a small, far away distant world on New Year's Day and they want to come up with a name for the discovery of this new frontier.

This New Horizons will set the record for visiting the most remote world ever explored by humankind. "MU69" is at the outer realm of our solar system, at about 4-billion miles away. A new name will not be assigned until the New Horizons passes the "MU69"  and can get a full understanding of what it is. There's a chance it may actually be two objects, either stuck together or orbiting one another, so two nicknames might be needed. Either way this a very exciting journey!

From here you can:

  • Read about the nicknames we are already considering.
  • Vote for your favorite names on the ballot (so far).
  • Nominate names that you think we should add to the ballot.
  • Check out the top-ranked names on the vote tally.

The campaign will close at noon Pacific Time (20:00 GMT) on December 1, 2017. 

Learn more about New Horizons and this record for visiting the most remote world ever explored by humankind at

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