Our Buffalo spring weather has been up and down so much temperature wise, but we know the hot temps are coming this summer. Unfortunately, for some air conditioning isn’t an option because of budgets or what not. New this year, New York residents with medical conditions that can be aggravated by heat will be able to apply for a state funded air conditioner.

This Monday, May 2, if you or someone you know needs helps and are considered a low-income household, you can apply for assistance to buy and install air conditioning units through this state program.

Heat and humidity can be awful for a lot of us but for some with health concerns its dangerous.

Maybe you live next to someone elderly or who you know has a condition that would call for this program. Share the information with them, I bet they would be grateful you did.

Obviously there are conditions of the program so visit the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) | OTDA website to find out more.

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