We never had cell phones when we were kids.  But if we wanted to spend time with our friends, we had to call our parents to check in when they told us to "or else."  These days lots of kids have the luxury of a cell phone in their pocket.  However, parents are still finding it hard to get in touch with them when they need them.

So one mom has decided to develop an app that will allow the parent to disable the child's electronic device if their calls go unanswered.

The mom's name is Sharon Standifird from Houston and she's no dummy.  As a matter of fact, she's a Gulf War Veteran who has had enough.  She created the Ignore No More app.  As of right now, it's only an Android app but it's available on Google for $1.99.

With just a touch of a button, the parent can choose the child whose device they'd like to disable and shut it down.  The only numbers they will then be able to call are 911, or a number off of a special list of contacts who will be able to unlock it for them.  No more games, no more phone calls, no more texts.

Do you need this for your child?