Black River recording artist Jacob Davis joined Clay, Dale and Liz live in the studio Tuesday morning. He performed a quick set the night before at the Last Run in Colden but got to spend a little more time in Buffalo when their flights were canceled due to the weather. He and his crew were kind enough to get up early to join us in the studio. It was a sight to see for the Louisiana native who really hasn't seen snow very much, especially as it was snowing.

Jacob was able to talk about his new single "What I Want To Be" and what he was doing before the music! He worked on an oil rig!!!! He also performed another song live in the studio called "Back Me Up" that I think you will love. And if that wasn't enough, he was able to help Dale perform a song on the guitar on the air.

Jacob Davis is signed to Black River Entertainment which is owned by Terry and Kim Pegula, making Jacob and honorary Buffalonian!

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