There is a new restaurant that just opened up in Maine that any Harry Potter fan is going to want to get a reservation for.

It's called "The Perfect Spell" and it just opened up on September 13th.

It's described as "A Magical Theatrical Restaurant" and it's taking orders by reservation only.

Now, it should be said that they have no actual affiliation with Harry Potter, any of the books, or any of the movies, but if you love witches and wizards, you're going to want to get in on this.

A Head Master Wizard will guide you through a magical Theatrical Dinner experience with Wizards, Witches, Magic and much more!  You actually have to pass a wizarding test just to get to your first course!

Here's the's only going to be open for one year.  They are offering to take reservations now, through Halloween night of 2020...then they are closing for good.

Why will they be closing?  According to the Sun Journal, the owners plan to open "pop up" restaurants all over the country that have specific themes.  They will be open for just one year, then they will move on to their next restaurant.

But until then...they want you to make your reservation before they close down.

That's 3,744 dinner reservations.  Each "show" will be for a maximum of 30 people, and performances will only take place on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  And if you have a party of less than 4, you might be sitting at a table with someone else.

Would you go to a restaurant like this if they had one in Buffalo?  What type of "Pop Up" restaurant would do well here?

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