A new phone scam is going around Western New York and you need to know what to listen for.

The scam contacts a person saying that someone they know, usually a family member, is in jail and that they need cash to get help from a lawyer to get out.

The scam takes it to the next level because they use a second voice to act like the loved one in need of help. This happened to my wife's grandmother.

She got a call saying that her granddaughter was in a car accident and hurt someone. She was calling for help and need 10,000 dollars to get a lawyer. Then another call came in that sounded like my wife saying to keep this between them and not to tell anyone else and that the lawyer would call and tell her how to send the money.

Of course, a third call came with someone pretending to be a lawyer asking for the money. My wife's grandma did the right thing and called my wife's mom to try and confirm the story before giving out any information.

If you ever get a call that even sounds remotely suspicious never give out any personal information or give money to the callers.

Please share this so no one gets taken advantage of.

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