The New York State Thruway is still working on their massive $450 million reconstruction project. Slowly but surely, the revamped service areas have been opening to the public, introducing new restaurants and more convenient additions. 

This has got to be a relief for some thruway drivers. The closing and remodeling of the rest stops have been a massive pain for commuters - especially when they’re hungry or have to…well, you know.

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Three service areas opened their doors for the 2022 holiday travel season and were well received by NYS Thruway drivers.

Now, two more rest stops are open in time for family spring break trips, and they’re even bigger and better. 

The New Rest Stops On The NYS Thruway Are Huge

NYS Thruway Project map
NYS Thruway/Canva

The first few service areas to be completed, Chittenango, Indian Castle and Junius Ponds, are Level 2 rest stops. Another that recently opened, Iroquois, is a Level 2A. And the brand new one that just opened days ago, Clifton Springs, is Level 3. 

What does that mean?

NYS Thruway Rest Stops Have “Levels”

The NYS Thruway Authority has designated levels to each of their new rest stops. Each level specifies not only how large they’ll be, but how many restaurants and other comforts they’ll have inside. 

  • Level 1 - 3,896 sq ft., 1 restaurant, Applegreen Market store
  • Level 2 - 5,742 sq ft., 2 restaurants, Applegreen Market store
  • Level 2A - 14,654 sq. ft., 3 restaurants, Applegreen Market store 
  • Level 2B - Same size as 2A, but includes amenities for truck drivers like showers, a fitness center, and laundry facility
  • Level 3 - 20,145 sq. ft.,  4+ restaurants, Applegreen Market store

Just think of how enormous the other Level 3 rest stops will be!

Look Inside The New Rest Stops On The NYS Thruway

If your nearby service area is still closed, you can find out which level it’ll be, which restaurants will be available, and when construction will be completed here

In the meantime, scroll to check out photos of the latest rest stop locations that are fully remodeled.

A Peek Inside The New Thruway Rest Stops In New York State [PHOTOS]

Keep scrolling to see pictures of the newly revamped New York State Thruway service areas.

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