It was interesting to at least hear the owner of a Buffalo sports team sound like he was committed to bringing a major championship to the city.  Terry Pagula is expected to take over control of the Buffalo Sabres on February 22nd.  That's the day the NHL Board of Governors is expected to give its approval of the sale of the team to Pagula.  If he has any intent of directing that some trades be made this season, he'll have less than a week to do it before the NHL trade deadline on February 28th.  

Over the weekend, Pagula happened to bump into Channel 4 sportscaster John Murphy at an event at Penn State University and Pagula told Murphy that the Sabres "will win a Stanley Cup, then win another."  A bit of bravado?  Sure.  God bless him - I hope he lives a long life.  I've been waiting 40 years for it to happen.  But here's a guy that sounds like he wants to change the culture of the franchise.   Talk is cheap though.  He's going to have to back it up with his actions - specifically opening up his wallet to attract players who are committed to winning.  Maybe for the players, coaches, management and everybody else involved in the organization to know that the owner expects nothing less than a championship it could make them believers too.

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