There are always going to be bad people trying to take advantage of good people.  This latest scam threatens to take their paychecks.

Yup, they've gotten bold enough that now they're going to take your money right from your employer before you even get it.

This one involves people who get their paychecks deposited directly into their bank account.  The scam starts with a fake HR representative that will call you to "verify your employee information."  They either call or send an email that appears to come from your HR department.

Once they receive the info they need, they then re-route your check to whatever account they want it to go to (usually pre-paid cards).

Simple as that.  If you receive an email like that, the FBI warns you to call your HR department directly to make sure it's real.  If it isn't, report it to the FBI and don't click on any of the links.

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