If you live near a school in the City of Buffalo, get ready to slow down when you pass by!

Lawmakers in Buffalo are working to reduce the speed limits in the school zones around the Queen City.

According to a report from Metro Source News:

... they'll be discussing a proposal that would lower the speed limit to 15 miles an hour for areas within a quarter mile of a school.  Right now, drivers can only get ticketed if they're going faster than the city speed limit.

Any changes likely wouldn't take effect until the start of the next school year.

It can catch you off guard if you don't pay attention. The speed limit is already 15 in many school zone area in the suburbs of Buffalo. I live in Hamburg and both the Frontier and Hamburg districts have reduced speed in the school zones.

The fines for speeding in these zones may be hefty. Money.com says that:

 Speeding in a School Zone. Average fine cost: The costs can vary widely, but often start around $200 – $500 with additional costs for each extra mile over the speed limit you're driving. Often, in school zones, the fines and fees are simply doubled.


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