There has been a lot of back and forth about whether or not Halloween should happen this year. More specifically, the trick or treating in Western New York? Is it too risky to have kids go up to houses this year? Should we just take the year off do you think?

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Mars, the maker of candies like Snickers, Skittles and Twix, has come up with a great idea. You're going to be going trick or treating and/or giving out candy....VIRTUALLY. But, don't worry, you will eventually end up with real candy if you are trick or treating.

This new idea of trick or treating could be fun for the whole family especially, if you decide to stay home this year (or if it is raining this is a GREAT substitution).

  • You first have to decide if you are going to be doing the Trick or Treating
  • You will be the person giving out the candy
  • OR BOTH! 

If you are going to be doing dishing out candy, here's how it's going to work:

Get your family together and decorate your virtual door with decorations and make it look attractive for kids to come "knock" on your door. If you are going to give out candy, you have to buy virtual candy credits that your trick-or-treaters can redeem for real candy, from M&M's, Twix, Snickers and more!

Then when the trick or treaters come, they can go to the store and redeem the credits for REAL CANDY! Plus, this is not just on Halloween! It's the whole month:

One day of Halloween is great. What’s better? An entire month of fun! Enjoy safe trick-or-treating with your family around your neighborhood, or virtually visit friends and relatives across the country', according to the Mars website.

Get started for your virtual trick-or-treating here!

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