If you happen to be speeding through a work zone on the New York State Thruway, get ready to smile for the camera.

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Soon, the state will be putting up cameras to try to crack down on speeding through work zones.  If you have traveled on the Thruway recently, you may have seen the electronic signs telling you to "Drive like you work here".  The cameras are another step being taken by New York Governor Kathy Hochul to cut down on work zone speeding.

The Governor recently signed legislation that will launch the camera pilot program on the Thruway.  The new cameras will work in a similar fashion to the state's EZ Pass camera system.  If you happen to be speeding through a work zone on the Thruway, the camera will pick it up, snap a photo, and you be ticketed automatically, and sent a letter and a fine by the state.

According to the New York State Thruway Authority, the current average speed in work zones is a shocking 83 MPH.

According to CNYCentral.com, Craig Overcamp, NYS Thruway maintenance supervisor said:

I’d think people would be more careful if you know that you’re going to get a fine in the mail, I’d certainly would not want one. I don’t think anyone wants one. I’d hope that would make people think more and bring down those tickets

Improving the safety of crews working on the Thruway is the number one goal of the new camera program.

Jim Konstalid, director of Thruway maintenance and operations said:

One hundred seventy-five: that’s how many work zone crashes were reported on the New York State Thruway last year alone. Put that in perspective, that’s about one every other day

The cameras are expected to be installed sometime before the end of 2022, but the number of cameras and their exact locations has yet to be determined.

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