The future of farming and agriculture in New York State is vital to every single New York State resident! From dairy, to poultry and vegetable farming, there may never have been a bigger need to support agriculture in New York.

The next time you shop and see the crazy prices and spend and arm and a leg for those eggs, ask yourself, "where did these products come from? Who is getting the money. Chances are, it is NOT the farmer.

If you want to explore what farming is all about here in New York State, there is a perfect opportunity happening right down the road. The New York State Farm Show is underway this week!

From Buffalo to Albany, there are many farms both large and small. The family farms are fading away. Changes in policy and regulations and corporate America have made it impossible to survive. However, COVID taught us that we need more LOCALLY grown and raised products to fight supply chain issues.

The truth is, No Farms...No Food! The kids are off of school for the week for Winter Break. Perhaps it is time to extend their education and have a little fun as well?

The New York Farm Show is the leading farm show in the Northeast since 1985. The show hosts more than 400 exhibitors displaying the latest in farm equipment, tractors, combines and farm implements; seed and crop protection products; farm supplies and services, dairy and beef production, woodlot and related industry supplies.

The best thing that I can suggest you do to support the agriculture industry in New York State is to support the youth! See their demonstrations, support their events and donate to their cause whenever possible.

Saturday’s presentations will be given by the New York Junior Beef Producers.

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