The holidays are here and the stress is real! If you are looking for the perfect gift that is affordable, you are not alone. With inflation and shortages, finding the gift that says you care that also saves you a little cash may be more difficult this year than the previous few.

It seems that Christmas and the holiday season start earlier and earlier each year. Halloween is barely over and there is red and green all throughout the stores. Black Friday is now a couple weeks long and Thanksgiving seems to be an afterthought. But there is one holiday that has been ongoing here in New York and some are trying to keep it going.

The original "gas tax holiday" in New York State will be ending at the end of the month. In just a few days, prices may surge at the pump unless lawmakers get the extension some are seeking.

Earlier this year, state lawmakers and Gov. Kathy Hochul agreed to suspending the collection of about 17 cents per gallon in gas taxes. But as gas prices tick back up, there are bipartisan calls from state lawmakers to extend a suspension of New York's gas tax.

The nearly twenty-cent jump in prices would put the average near or above four dollars here in the Western New York area. But the winter typically means lower demand and lower prices and some are counting on more oil production to help reduce the pain at the pump. You have to feel bad for those who rely on diesel fuel to make a living. Prices for diesel are still brutal at nearly six dollars a gallon!

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