Who couldn't use a little extra cash for the holidays? Perhaps it is not only the holidays you are planning for. Maybe it is a dream trip or college savings or a retirement plan. Saving money is very hard when the money coming in, goes out quickly. But this Friday may be the game changer that you have waited for.

The countdown to Christmas is on and so is the countdown to the new year! 2022 was a little easier to manage in some ways than the two years prior. However, with inflation and the ridiculous prices of gas and diesel, this year has been rough financially. Need help? It may be just a few numbers away.

Nobody won the Mega Millions jackpot this past Tuesday and that means that Friday's jackpot will be an even $333 million! The cash option will be an estimated $172.3 million! Not too shabby and boy would that make the shopping for gifts much easier.

The hype surrounding the lottery jackpots really starts to kick in when it hits around or over $300 million. As we get closer to the holidays, a ticket for the lottery makes a good last minute gift for adults. However, this past week, New York officials reminded everyone that they are not good gifts for kids under 18. Gambling can become a big issue for some and can really affect families if it gets out of hand. Play responsibly and, as New York reminds us, keep it to the adutls.

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