Many people are driving more to start 2023. With the unusual winter weather that New York State is seeing, it is easier to get on the road and find some fun things to do.

The days of low gas prices are long gone. If you drive a truck or vehicle powered by diesel, it is so much worse! New York State has a plan to get rid of your fossil fuel powered vehicle within the next few years. But what about in the short term?

Forget a solution, New York is more focused on just offering tips to "help" you save some money.


State Robert J. Rodriguez says:

“Whether commuting to work, running errands or planning a long road trip, following these tips can help New Yorkers lower their transportation costs so they can hold onto more of their hard-earned money and beat back inflation.”

But wouldn't be nice for the millions of New York drivers who can't afford an electric vehicle to get some help at the pump? Perhaps some sort of stimulus or extra tax relief or removing one of the other excessive fees that New York places on those who own/drive vehicles. A real solution. Not just advice?

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