The truth is, as much as we joke, complain or criticize social media sites, most of us need to use it or are addicted to using it. Whether it is a necessary evil of the job you have, or you love to see the drama of the day unfold, it is an everyday part of life.

However, many use social media without thinking about what may be waiting on the backside of a platform. Who is seeing your information? Is there someone waiting to grab your identity or perhaps your family member's identity? We all should know that the answer is a solid, yes.

If you are on Facebook, there is a good chance that you have seen and read about every scam and controversy there is these days. So when you read or hear about the possibility of getting money from a settlement you may be skeptical. However, this one is coming right from Facebook itself.

Social media brings the world together. Good or bad, like it or not, the world is small when we meet online. The ability to share information, opinion and moments with friends across the globe is something our predecessors could only dream of and for us it is a daily thing.

How much, or how often, do you interact with what you see on Facebook? Do you sit back with a cup of coffee and scroll the drama? Or are you the person who gets in the mix and makes waves with your boisterous opinion? Regardless of the way you use Facebook or social media, there may be some money coming your way.

Time is limited for you to sign up or register for your share of the payout.

According to a report from CBS News:

The settlement stems from multiple lawsuits that were brought against Facebook by users who claimed that the company improperly shared their data with third-party sources such as advertisers and data brokers.

The payout to you may not be a big amount of money. But just like many other things, it is more about the principle of it and a win is a win.

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