As Winter gets ready to blow across Western New York and the wind, snow, and cold will be coming to the area, The Niagara County sheriff is warning parents about what their kids are wearing while being in a car seat.

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I know when my son Avry was smaller and we would go out and about I never thought of this.

The Niagara County Sheriff is warning parents about making sure that when they have their kids in their puffy warm winter coats to double-check the fit of their car seat.

On their Facebook page, The Niagara County Sheriff is asking parents to double-check the fit over their kid's winter jacket because during an accident these jackets will compress and result in a looser fit and could cause the child to become injured.

The sheriff told parents that the best practice in the wintertime is best to have their child dressed in layers and use a thin fleece-type jacket. You can then put on the thicker and warmer jacket on your child after they have been bucked in the car seat.

The Niagara County Sheriff's office is offering parents the chance to have their car seat tested by the Sheriff's office to make sure that it is set up properly. If you want to set up a time for the sheriff's to check your car seat or if you have any questions when it comes to car seat safety, you can contact the Niagara County Sheriff’s Traffic Safety Educator, Cathleen Davis at 716-438-3464.

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