The winter months are upon us in New York State and across the Northeast. As we get ready for mountains of snow and long, cold days, there are some fears that are also mounting in The Empire State.

As the laws are changing and the push to go "green" gets stronger, New York is trying to leave behind our reliance on combustion engines and gas powered heat. But what will the impact be on the electric grid? Besides charging cars, will New York have enough electric power to keep us warm and business running? An early report ahead of winter says yes.

Officials with the New York Independent System Operator say there's enough of an electricity supply in the Empire State to meet demand during the winter months.

There are some who are reporting that New York may soon ban fireplaces and wood stoves. For those in rural areas, that will pose new challenges. In these outlying areas, the power grid seems to be in and out all the time! The winds and snow knock power out all the time and heating with wood or oil are the only reliable options. It will be interesting to see what New York has planned to help these residents?

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