The NFL season may look a little different this fall as a change is looming in the way that first downs are measured. Here in New York State, fans seem to be ready and have been asking for it for years.

There is only one official New York State NFL team and that is the Buffalo Bills. Yes, the Jets and Giants use New York in their team names. However, they play their games in New Jersey.

But regardless of the team you cheer for, you most likely have been frustrated by a call or two that did not go your way? There is some good news as there are reports that more technology will be used to help officials get the calls right.

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According to a recent post on "X" (Twitter), the way that first downs are measured may rely less on humans.

Ari Meirov reports that, "Potential big change: The NFL plans to trial an electronic system for measuring first downs during preseason games. If the trial is successful and receives approval, the tracking system will be fully implemented for the 2024 NFL regular season".

How many calls have gone against your team that may have been off by just an inch or two? This may be what the game needs? Considering the amount of money involved in these games, getting right is more important than ever!

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