It is illegal to take these cans and bottles back in New York State.

If you are looking for your 5 cents from taking back these cans and bottles make sure that they are YOUR cans and bottles. When you go to the store to buy beer or pop or anything and you pay the automatic deposit.

It is illegal in New York State to return cans or bottles that you did not pay for. In New York State there is a Bottle Bill of Rights:

The right to return your empties for refund to any dealer who sells the same brand, type and size, whether you bought the beverage from the dealer or not. It is illegal to return containers for refund that you did not pay a deposit on in New York State.

New York State does admit, though that there are not going to go after anyone if they do return other people's cans.

"The right to get your deposit refund in cash, without proof of purchase."

It is NOT required by law to wash any of your bottles or cans, but New York State does want you to do it if you are able to.

READ MORE: There were some officials who were trying to get the New York State bottle and can deposit to be 10 cents. Now, of course you would have to pay more when you go to the grocery store for the deposit, but you will get the 10 cents when you return the cans as well. The measure was not voted on in time, and will be moved until 2025.

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